Nice to meet you! 

I'm D.O., an Engineer and Founder of M4 Method, a XR Design Agency.

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You can download now my new XR Roadmap for Immersive Design. Click here to download it FREE.


I believe we can contribute to a world where technology and personal evolvement can be possible simultaneously.

Here you can find resources that I've curated for you, so you don't have to do the work.

Kindness is sharing.

I endeavour to challenge the status quo, my philosophy in business and life is not conventional and I strive to support others through my insight & experience in XR applications.  


These are my core values. 

Glad to meet you. I'm Diana Olynick, an Engineer and XR Designer.

  • Even though I'm specialized in engineering and XR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Realiy, Mixed Reality), I truly believe  business and tech are an art.
  • I believe the only way to achieve great fulfillment in life, is to work on our internal models first.
  • My favourite phrase is "LESS IS MORE" because in business and life, this is the key.


Why business and tech should matter to you?

If you have a business, most likely you have felt confused about what could help your business to raise the bar and stand out. I could simply say it's technology. That's what big brands do. This is why:

  • The most remarkable brands right now are using VR & AR to increase engagement with their audiences.
  • Since VR & AR offer immersion, people feel more connected, therefore a bond is created with the brand.
  • Being able to educate and offer a remarkable experience is what clients are looking for now and this is possible through VR & AR like nothing else can do.

This leave us with the sense that as XR evolves, we also need to learn and grow, and extend this transformation to our businesses.

we can do it together, just let's get to know each other.

Cristiana Tudor

Diana is absolutely incredible. Her passion, determination, positive attitude and enthusiasm are rarely encountered in business. She truly cares about her clients' work. Not only does she provide massive value through strategic insights, but she is so focused on making a positive difference and helping women globally create magic by supporting them in building their own app.


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Certified XR Designer & Developer