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My name is Diana. I love to explore the intersection between tech, business and art. Through my work I endeavour to share my knowledge and expertise with others so we can also reshare the lessons learned in business and life, growing together, building the only future we could have, from our present.

D.O.'s Bio


Diana Olynick is an Engineer + XR Designer.


After struggling  many years with overwhelm due to long work hours at her job without enjoying family time, she decided to tap in her genius zone and start her own agency (M4 Method)  where she helps other businesses and agencies create their own business apps,  so they can support their clients and increase brand engagement which results in sales growth. 


Diana is the host of the Talk Show “The D.O.! Show” where she interviews creators, artists, and founders from all around the world to share their learned experiences and how they are changing the world with XR. 

Talks Diana can Deliver

Practical Applications of XR (Extended Reality) in Business


A talk on the roadmap for businesses to begin the XR adoption to their current marketing, advertising and customer experience strategy and how this adoption in practicality leads to an increase of sales and clients, in additional to tapping into new markets. 

Best UX for XR Practices


With XR, some of the traditional UX/UI practices tend to evolve.  This talk discusses how to delight humans, application of narrative storytelling in XR, how to create presence in the context of immersion + grounding and best practices and tools available. 

The Art and Practice of Hitsuzendo


What is the art of Hitsuzendo and how this painting and mediation form can help you heal and release stress by practicing presence and non-attachment while getting calmer and centered. 

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