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Thanks for your visit! Welcome to my world of technology, design and mindfulness. I am the author of "Interface-Less: Conscious Design for Spatial Computing" and "Imagined Realities"

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Diana Olynick is a Professional Engineer, XR Creative Director, and author of "Interface-Less: Conscious Design for Spatial Computing".

Registered as a Professional Engineer in Canada, Diana's engineering acumen shapes the XR landscape. She mentors startups at North Forge and Futurpreneur Canada, and has guided hundreds of XR designers, developers and Unity Developer Bootcamp Students from around the world.

As the host of the XR Magazine Podcast, Diana shares insights from industry experts. Her expertise has led to speaking engagements at international conferences like XR Global Conference Europe and the Augmented World Expo. Her writing and editorial contributions at the Engineering Keystone Professional Magazine and an award from Oculus Launchpad attest to her professional standards.

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Interfaceless: Conscious Design for Spatial Computing with Generative AI.

Interfaceless is a tool for any designer, developer or tech enthusiast to navigate the fundamentals of designing for spatial computing with contextual awareness using AI models and conscious design principles. Is a must have for any new or seasoned professional in the field!

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Imagined Realities is a tool for introspection, reflection and self discovery. Subscribe below to my monthly newsletter at the intersection of mindfulness, technology and design. 

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