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Exploring the Future of Privacy in XR with Daniel Berrick

Exploring the Future of Privacy in XR with Daniel Berrick


In today’s digital age, the conversation around privacy and data protection is more critical than ever. With the advent of immersive technologies, understanding the implications on privacy has become a paramount concern. In this blog post, we explore these issues with Daniel Berrick, a Policy Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum.


The Complex Landscape of Privacy Law


Daniel’s work involves dissecting complex consumer and commercial privacy law and policy issues, providing clarity in a field that is constantly evolving. His expertise in immersive technologies, open banking, and biometrics offers a unique perspective on how these sectors intersect with privacy.


Best Practices for Data Privacy


Through his collaboration with industry leaders and the wider privacy community, Daniel is at the forefront of identifying and developing best practices for data privacy. His commitment to fostering a collaborative environment ensures that privacy considerations are integrated into technological advancements.


Educational Background and Expertise


With a JD from Duke University School of Law and a BA from Hamilton College, Daniel’s educational background is as impressive as his professional experience. His CIPP/US certification further solidifies his position as a trusted authority in privacy law and policy.


Join us on the XR Magazine, as we navigate the complex world of privacy with Daniel Berrick, gaining insights and knowledge to protect our digital selves in the age of immersive technologies.

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