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The Evolution of AR with DEVAR

The Evolution of AR with DEVAR

In this edition of the XR Magazine Podcast, we sit down with Anna Belova, a tech entrepreneur who has made significant strides in the world of augmented reality. As the CEO and Founder of DEVAR, Anna has played a pivotal role in transforming how brands, businesses, and creators engage with AR.


The DEVAR Phenomenon


Often likened to the "Canva" for Augmented Reality, DEVAR has emerged as a leading platform in the AR space. Anna's journey began with the creation of a popular line of consumer AR products, which saw over 13 million units sold worldwide.


Embracing No-Code AR 


Recognizing the need for more accessible AR creation tools, Anna and her team introduced a no-code platform two years ago. This innovation has positioned DEVAR as one of the top web-based AR platforms, empowering users to create immersive experiences without the need for complex coding.


Expanding AR's Reach 


Today, DEVAR is at the forefront of expanding AR's application across various industries, from marketing and beauty to fashion and beyond. The platform is also pioneering the creation of interactive human holograms and Generative AR text-to-3D, offering users the ability to generate 3D assets through simple text prompts.


Tune into the XR Magazine to explore Anna Belova's journey with DEVAR and gain insights into how augmented reality is being reshaped for the future.


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You can find out more about DEVAR and My Web AR  here: Devar.Tech and My Web AR


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